Designer handbag rental service

"Don't foot the cost but enjoy the gem"

What is ArmGem?

It’s simple! ArmGem gives you the convenience of having the latest fashionable handbags each month delivered to your door. It’s the savvy way of keeping up with the latest trends with our online authentic luxury handbag rental service. 

Instead of cluttering up your closet, think of ArmGem as your virtual closet.  If you want to carry a certain designer, style, or color, to compliment any outfit; ArmGem is your go-to destination for all of the latest fashionable handbags that go with your wardrobe desires. 

ArmGem allows you to rent the latest trends in luxury handbags for a fraction of the cost, we take care of getting authentic handbags at the high end retailers. All top designer handbags must be rented for a minimum of one month, then return at any point afterwards whenever you’re ready for the next fashion find.  Now you can always stay ahead of the fashion curve with the simplicity and accessibility of online shopping.  Besides, who wants to only have one designer handbag for a season, when you can have one for each occasion!

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