Gucci GG Supreme Hobo

The Gucci GG Supreme Hobo handbag is a light beige and brown color.  The flat-top handle makes holding this canvas bag extremely comfortable.  There is also a curb chain shoulder strap if you want to switch things up.  The two-way zip top closure secures that the contents placed inside the handbag stay inside, when it closed of course.  Available right now!

Gucci Hobo.png

Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts

ArmGem loves gifts.
Gifts of gratitude, gifts of laughter, gifts of joy, and so many more.  
We also love gifts that come in the form of a gem.  
Because when the gifts of life are being shared, those doing the sharing need a place to hold their things!    
Share your gift with us, we'd love to hear them! 

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