15+ Of The Most Creative DIY Christmas Trees Ever!

Instead of just going for a traditional Christmas tree this year you can bring out your creative side or if you live close to the equator there are a number of other great ideas to still have a fabulous Christmas tree. You can make one with a number of different items to make it a unique and memorable way to celebrate. Check out all the festive Christmas trees to spark your creativity by clicking here at DIY Christmas Trees.

In A Dutch Town, A Glowing Bike Path Inspired By Van Gogh

Artist Daan Roosegaarde pays homage to the most famous resident that once lived in the Dutch town of Eindhoven. This is such a creative way to pay tribute to the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Roosegaarde created a glowing bike path that relies on solar-powered LED lights and interprets his classic painting Starry Night. Roosegaarde wanted to appeal to all people through technology, landscapes, cultural history, and even a special first date place. The artist wanted to create something incredibly poetic and I believe he accomplished just that. Click here to discover more about the Glowing Bike Path

Hundreds Of Plastic Bottle Caps Turned Into Stunning Images

Mary Ellen Croteau an American artist creates realistic images by using different assorted bottle caps. Using the original colors of the bottle caps to create realistic shading and hues in her images. Croteau work highlights one of our biggest global issues of pollution through her work by recycling the caps into her art work. My favorite is her self portrait! To see more of her work and read more about what she does click here at Bottle Cap Artwork

Eye plastic caps.jpg