Alex Chung to Launch Own Fashion Brand

For all of those who love the British television presenter and model Alexa Chung she has announced in the Business of Fashion magazine that she will be launching her own fashion label in May 2017. She will see denim, daywear, eveningwear, shoes and jewellery, as well as special products. To get the full scoop on the launch click here Alexa Chung to Launch Own Fashion Brand for the full article. 

15+ Of The Most Creative DIY Christmas Trees Ever!

Instead of just going for a traditional Christmas tree this year you can bring out your creative side or if you live close to the equator there are a number of other great ideas to still have a fabulous Christmas tree. You can make one with a number of different items to make it a unique and memorable way to celebrate. Check out all the festive Christmas trees to spark your creativity by clicking here at DIY Christmas Trees.

The New Power Dressing

The London Design Museum is exhibiting "Woman Fashion Power" which opened this week. Don't worry this is not a retrospective celebrating clichéd visions of Eighties shoulder pads - instead it focuses on the language of fashion and those women who are fluent in it: Michelle Obama, Vivienne Westwood, Anne Hidalgo (the mayor of Paris) are all subjects too. They're all masters of power dressing. To read more or to find out what the new power dressing trends are click here at The New Power Dressing

Woman Power Dressing.jpg