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1) Why do I need a credit check?
Due to the high value of the handbags that are being rented and because we are an online business our initial screening process has a number of checks in place to ensure we are renting to authorized customers. For further details see our Terms & Conditions that are accepted at checkout. We also reserve the right to cancel your order. If you do not wish to have a credit check performed, please email our Customer Service and we can cancel your order.

2) Can I cancel my rental at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your rental at anytime after the intial monthly rental period, which starts upon receiving the handbag. To cancel please email CustomerService@ArmGem.com The cancellation will not take place until we receive confirmation that the rented handbag is in FedEx's possession. Upon cancellation the Customer will receive an email confirmation and any subsequent rental charges will not be incurred. (for more details please review the Terms & Conditions)

3) Can I expedite shipping on my order?
Yes, you can pay the additional cost to have the handbag expedited. We offer two expedited shipping options. 2-day shipping is an option at check-out for an addtional $20 that is billed seperately after the order is placed. Please email us at CustomerService@ArmGem.com to upgrade to overnight shipping after the order is placed. Overnight shipping is an additional $25 that is billed seperately. Expediting the shipping only speeds up the shipping time frame not the processing of the order which is generally 1-2 business days.

4) How can I keep my handbag clean?
ArmGem recommends putting all liquids or anything that could stain the handbag such as: lipstick, gloss, pens, pencils, makeup, etc. in a separate small pouch inside the handbag to ensure no additional charges are incurred for damage once the handbag is returned.

5) Can I rent more than one handbag at a time?
Yes, more than one handbag can be rented at a time. However, the limit is two rentals at a given time and a history has to be established with ArmGem prior to renting the second handbag. More information may be required to rent mulitple handbags and a deposit.

6) Can I keep my rental for more than a month?
Yes, you can keep the rented handbag for more than a month. After the monthly minimum (if you haven’t requested a return shipping label) it automatically goes month-to-month and your card will be charged on your renewal date until the handbag is returned.

7) How do I rent another handbag?
Simply find the handbag of choice and click “Rent Gem”, you will then be directed to the order page and will be asked to put in the same e-mail and password that was used before. This will log you into your account where you can modify or update your information if needed.

8) How do I get a return shipping label to send the handbag back?
E-mail CustomerService@ArmGem.com and we will e-mail you a return shipping label.

9) Can I purchase the handbag?
Unfortunately, ArmGem does not have a rent-to-own option. We have several unique designer handbags that are not available elsewhere which is one of the many benefits of our service.

10) Return Policy
We want our customers to love the handbag they have rented and we would be glad to swap it out for another handbag if the customer is not satisfied (customer is responsible to pay rental price difference if higher). To be eligible for the swap the customer needs to email us within 24 hours of receiving the handbag to let us know that you would like to swap out the handbag for a different one. Please note that in this scenario the customer is responsible to pay for the shipping costs to return and ship the new rental.

Our policy is that there is a minimum of a month rental period on all the handbags. Although, we do have a number of customers who rent them for only a few weeks, and then swap them out for another handbag, but that does not change the rental amount.