Photo by: Suzanne Lopez Photography

Photo by: Suzanne Lopez Photography


I’m Aleasha, the founder of ArmGem. After a successful decade in the field of dentistry, I began to feel like my career hit a plateau.  The routine was starting to feel monotonous and I wanted to exercise my true, life-long passion for fashion. 

Ever since I started walking I would always have a purse in hand. I had already started my purse collection and was dubbed “the bag lady” as a small child.   While I loved dentistry, I loved the latest fashion trends even more, and it was time to turn my dream into my reality.

After looking at my collection of purses-that I most likely wouldn’t use again- I thought, there have to be other women that have the same appreciation for fashion, but either can’t afford to keep buying the latest fashion finds, or don’t want to store their vast collection of designer handbags.

There is a certain gratification in holding a high end designer handbag on your arm.  We believe that is something every woman deserves to experience. Through that notion, ArmGem was created.

My mission is to allow fabulous ladies the opportunity to be trendy without the expense. No need to foot the cost to enjoy the gem.